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This collection is an exclusive offer forWeird and Wacky Magazine readers now made public! Every book, report, article penned by Ginger Marks prior to 2014 including her awesome Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom is now available to enjoy.

Note: Collection excludes Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide colletion 2009 forward.

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Presentational Skills for the Next Generation

Presentational Skills for the Next Generation




Available in Print $14.95
Print ISBN#978-0-9788831-4-0
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
LCCN - 2011934331

Also available in Digital $9.95
ISBN# 978-0-9832122-7-0

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Why a book on presentational skills? Why would I want to author it? The answers to these questions are complex but it all boils down to the dire need for an authoritative source of information that addresses the issues of today’s technology.

Much has changed over the years in the public speaking arena. We have so many new and challenging tools at our disposal that we are no longer consigned to countless hours to travel from city to city to share our knowledge.

The Internet has opened the doors to people from all places and races. At the click of a button, you can share your information in many forms of multi-media. With the availability of hosting online conferences and collaborations in both text-only and A/V environments, as are offered by Skype Conference™, Hot Conference™ and desktop sharing applications such as Yugma™, as well as teleconferences, the modes and means are so plentiful that more and more savvy business owners are venturing into the public speaking arena.

It is for you, the farsighted entrepreneur, that this book is written.

What follows is a well thought out, concise, instructional manual written in a manner that all can comprehend. Within the contents of this guide, you will learn the skills necessary to enable you to present your information in such a way that you will capture the attention and hearts of your eager audience.

Welcome to the world of public speaking,

Ginger Marks

What people are saying about Presentational Skills for the Next Generation

Geetesh BajajAs an author of PowerPoint books, Cutting Edge PowerPoint 2007 For Dummies (ForDummies (Computer/Tech)), I do find that this book complements my book. I like this book because it's easy to read and packed with helpful stuff that will allow you to better plan your next presentation. It is a book that explains the concept of presentation deliveryand it does so in an easy to comprehend manner so that you can get results soon. It's also a very handy sizeput it inside your laptop bag, and read it whenever you get the time, you won't regret it.

Geetesh Bajaj
Author, Cutting Edge PowerPoint for Dummies



Warwick John Fahy5 out of 5 stars - A Great Resource to Use for Your Next Presentation

Presentational Skills for the Next Generation is a quick read. With falling attention spans a feature of modern living, Ginger Marks has written a good introduction to presenting. Each chapter is short and cover a wide range of topics including using technology in presentations, how to find better supporting material like quotations online, and good reminders on what to do before you arrive at a presentation. The chapter on transitions is worth a close read as it tells the reader how to write a transition; an important and often-overlooked element of presentations. This book is packed full of easy to read tips and best of all, for the next generation, it only takes an hour or two to read. Keep this book on hand when you are under pressure to prepare your next presentation.”

Warwick John Fahy
The One Minute Presenter


Ellen FinkelsteinPresentational Skills for the Next Generation covers a wide range of topics that presenters need to know. Some of the topics, such as organizing the content and working with audio-visual technology are rarely covered. The author’s emphasis on rehearsing and considering the audience first are very valuable. You’ll also find excellent coverage on the delivery aspect of presenting, including how to dress, what equipment to pack, dealing with fear, and more. The Resources section at the end is very useful, too.”

Ellen Finkelstein
Presentation skills trainer and PowerPoint MVP


Felicia J. Slattery“As a communication consultant and instructor of public speaking, I have taught hundreds of people how to prepare and deliver successful presentations. For anyone who has to give a presentation, I would definitely recommend Presentational Skills for the Next Generation by Ginger Marks. This easy-to-read book provides excellent ideas for putting together a polished presentation. Ginger’s explanation on preparing and using visual aids to compliment your talk is especially well done. Ginger covers all-important areas of preparing an effective presentation from considering your audience and the location of your talk to your personal appearance and valuable delivery tips and techniques. This book is a great resource that you can refer to time-and-again for every presentation you’ll ever do.”

Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed.
Communication Consultant, Speaker & Coach


Joe Yazbeck“Ginger Marks has codified a very workable system of materials to help anyone who desires to be an improved presenter. The skills of presentation could be said to be an artful science and Ginger represents this concept very effectively in her latest work. Presentation Skills for the Next Generation is a very valuable must read.”

Joe Yazbeck, Founder-President
Prestige Leadership Advisors

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Holiday Marketing Guide by Ginger Marks


Every year this business calendar of markting ideas gets better. This year is no exception. However, if you missed the premier issue and the now famous "Jar of Nothing" with the applicable weird & wacky holiday to use it, you may just want to invest in the whole series. No two year's book have the same holidays listed, so you are sure to get your money's worth.

For more information or to get your own copy of this hot marketing tool visit Holiday Marketing Guide's website here.

What people are saying about Ginger Marks' Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide

Lauren E Miller“This is definitely a weird and wacky marketing guide packed full of funny, creative insights and suggestions that expand the reader’s world. My two favorites are: National Compliment Day and Inconvenience Yourself Day. Both of which speak to the power of random acts of kindness that have the ability to light up the world! A very catchy read; enjoy!”

Lauren E Miller, CEO Microwave Stress Solutions, Inc.
Stress Relief Expert/Best Selling Author/International Speaker


Patricia Allen“Wow! This book has got it all. Monthly, daily, weekly HOLIDAYs from just about everywhere AND the TOOLs to make those holidays work for you in your business—think press releases —but don't stop with the formal marketing! Do you feel inspired to celebrate a wacky holiday with a community activity? Ginger shows you the steps to pull it off easily and effectively. Perhaps you want closer ties with your family… there are recipes and (crafts with templates) suitable for family kitchen tables and business events. From Z-Day in January to International Flirting Week in February through Alascattalo Day in November and Gluten-Free Baking Week in December… You are going to love this book!”

Patricia AJ Allen writer, woodturner, and pen maker

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Additional Books & eBooks

Color My World by Ginger MarksColor My World
(Adult Coloring Book)

Stress Relief that Doesn't Require Medication! 


In today's fast paced world, it's even more important than ever to take time for yourself. This book can help calm your soul, but first let me warn you ... if you are looking for a cheap AI generated coloring book, put this book back on the shelf now

Color My World is an eclectic mix of hand-drawn illustrations and presented for your coloring enjoyment. Within the covers you will find: 

  • tangles
  • dangles
  • cartoons
  • steam punk and
  • mandalas

Nearly two years in the creation, these drawings range from simple to intricate. Take time to rest and enjoy some YOU time while creating your colorful work of art.

Available on AmazonB&N, and all your favorite booksellers in print . 

The ePub version coming March 2024!

Grab the book, Color My World, and get a free bonus gift!

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Mia's Reflections by Ginger MarksMia's Reflection (Book 1)

Ginger Marks is an entrepreneur and author who specializes in business design and publishing. Why take on a project that is so far afield of her norm? Because she has lived with this children’s book, it seems like, for a lifetime. So, when the challenge came from one of her mentors to write a children’s book, Ginger took up the mantle and now her vision is a reality!

Mia was born January 15, 2019. We are proud to announce that this book won awards before it was even released to the public! Reader’s Favorite awarded top honors and on Mia’s birth she garnered Best-Seller status on Amazon! Quite a coo when you realize that children’s books is one of the toughest categories to attain that level. At a solid #3 in her category, we are proud of our little girl.

Stay plugged in to learn about new adventures with Mia and visit her at Mia's Reflections

Reflections on life from a quirky 10-year-old. 

Mia's Reflections captures the heart of a young girl who learns that beauty is not just a pretty face, but rather a giving life. Anticipating a new school with no friends, where she feels alone and ugly, young Mia prepares for her first day. Recounting Mia's kindnesses from bullying intervention to assisting an elderly neighbor and more, Mia realizes her beauty is not just skin deep. Followed by Parent/Teacher resources, this book will fill a young girl's day with thoughts of love and kindness.

Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom by author Ginger MarksAward Winning Business Book, Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom

30+ years of wisdom is the basis for this tome. Within the covers you will discover topics on personal growth and business building practices. Everything from beginning your career as a business owner to marketing and design is covered in the 360 page first edition. At $9.95 it is a comprehensive book on business ownership that everyone wishing to grow a thriving business needs to own. Now available in Kindle, Nook, PDF, and Smashwords and PRINT formats. Click below for the PDF version or visit the websit and blog at

Get your copy here for only $9.95!

Back to Basics

Back to Basics book by Ginger MarksBusiness building and development made easy

Back to Basics is a collection of articles designed to assist the new business owner to jump start their business or the seasoned profession to put the punch back into their chosen career. It begins with a two part series on the Nuts and Bolts of Business Building and continues from there to the ever important Marketing Basics. As marketing is an issue for each and every business owner no matter their business or circumstances this section is presented in three parts. This eBook comes in Kindle & PDF versions and at $2.99 it is a real bargain.

Table of Contents

The Nuts & Bolts of Business Building ~ Part I
The Nuts & Bolts of Business Building ~ Part II
Marketing Basics ~ Part I
Marketing Basics ~ Part II
Marketing Basics ~ Part III

©2006 Ginger Marks All rights reserved.

Amazon kindle version

PDF also available.

How to Create Success

How to Create Success book by Ginger Marks

How To Create Success is the first eBook offering. Its bold colorful cover image entitled Jumping for Joy was designed by Amanda Tomasoa of Art by Amanda. The seven chapters contained within combine seven of the most highly rated articles written by Ginger at the time of publishing. One article Contagious Influence is currently the number one requested article and has been published in a magazine for writers titled 'Newbie News'. This is a free ebook and available for immediate download. Click here to download.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Commit to Excellence
Chapter 2: Commit to Do
Chapter 3: Commit to Win
Chapter 4: A Vote for Confidence
Chapter 5: Seven Deadly Sins of Goal Setting ~ Part I
Chapter 6: Seven Deadly Sins of Goal Setting ~ Part II
Chapter 7: Contagious Influence

©2005 Ginger Marks All rights reserved.

Ten Truths of Business Ownership10 Truths of Business Ownership book cover

Discover the 10 truths every business owner should know. Knowing and applying these truths will aide you in achieving your dream of entrepreneurship.

©2008 Ginger Marks All rights reserved.

To receive this eBook along with Ginger Marks' report How to Create Long Sales Copy Web Pages sign up for her monthly Words of Wisdom eZine.

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